Teenage Cancer Trust unit - Nottingham

Teenage Cancer Trust unit

A youthful space…

The challenge: Creating a youthful, relaxing space where patients can meet with friends, family and other patients and as much as possible enjoy a ‘normal’ life during their treatment. The patient group at the unit wanted the environment to reflect the local area, building on the particular branding requested by The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Maternity bereavement suite - Leicester General Hospital

Maternity bereavement suite
Leicester General Hospital

A reflective space…

The challenge: How to create a space supportive to parents facing the devastating experience of giving birth to a stillborn child. Leicester Hospitals Charity approached us to design a comforting environment offering privacy at this most sensitive time whilst still meeting medical needs.

Teenage Cancer Trust unit - Leicester Royal Infirmary

Teenage Cancer Trust unit
Leicester Royal Infirmary

The challenge: Being told you have cancer presents anyone with a huge challenge – particularly if you are a teenager or young adult. Creating an environment which feels reassuring, optimistic and friendly is similarly challenging. Grosvenor Interiors have worked in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust to provide age appropriate spaces on several projects, including Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Children’s playroom - Kingston Hospital

Children’s playroom
Kingston Hospital

A playful space…

The challenge: Momentum, a charity supporting children with life limiting conditions, asked us to refurbish the playroom, reduce the clutter, but retain its homely feel. The playroom was typical of so many playrooms, very busy, toys everywhere and showing signs of wear and tear.

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  • Momentum children’s cancer charity appointed Grosvenor Interiors to design & refurbish the Children’s Playroom at Kingston Hospital. We are delighted to report that the project was on-time and on-budget and without problems. It was a pleasure to work with such a committed and focussed team. This project offers a blueprint of how such projects can be implemented with a strong & dedicated team: Grosvenor Interiors played a key role and were an instrumental part of this team.

    Nikki Howard - Momentum